SINCE 1933


ELISE is a fashion brand created by RFSU, a Swedish non-profit organization that fight for body rights around the world. The messages featured in the collections derive from RFSU’s definition of Body Rights, which focus on everyone’s right to decide over their body, sexuality and identity. It emphasizes every individual’s freedom to love who they want, make own decisions about one’s body and express oneself and one’s sexuality.  The overall objective for ELISE is to function as a platform that can grow and develop in various ways over time — the central aspect will always be to keep fighting for Body Rights. All proceeds from ELISE goes to RFSU’s work for Body Rights around the world.




The name ELISE is homage to Elise Ottesen-Jensen, that ignited the fight for body rights and founded RFSU in 1933.  Her vision about equality and freedom is central for ELISE’s ideas and design.




In 1969, when Flower Power was at its peak, RFSU created the brand “Blommor och Bin”. Old styles were replaced with jeans and t-shirts in modern cuts, and the stores created room to breathe for youth who needed somewhere to go.  RFSU employed  its own fashion designers such as Nina Wahlgren and Barbro Grytnäs Ersdotter, and Blommor och Bin became a huge success. At its peak, RFSU ran 38 stores around Sweden, and the very first Blommor och Bin store was located at Hötorget in central Stockholm. In addition, the stores also provided condoms, literature and brochures.