about rfsu


RFSU fight for Body Rights in many ways. We work with condoms and other products related to intimacy, sexual information, advocacy, sexual policies, clinics, sexual education in schools and much more. We are a non-profit organization, independent of party politics, unions and religion. We work for an open, positive view of sex and relationship issues. We believe that everyone is entitled to be what they want to be, to choose to live as they want and enjoy what they want – without suppression or oppression of others. We are convinced that sex and relationships are important, both for the individual and society. We work locally (e.g. with information provision in schools), nationally (e.g. by influencing policies) and internationally (e.g. in the form of development projects in the developing world).



Today there are many companies that want to take social responsibility. In the case of RFSU, it is social responsibility that came first, followed by business activities to finance non-profit work. RFSU AB – owned by the RFSU association – sells condoms, lubricants, home pregnancy tests, tampons, intimate products and sex toys. The profit from sales of products enables our work to improve people’s lives.